Learning, Sharing, and Growing: The OSSPH Experience at PyCon PH 2024

The OSSPH team dives into PyCon PH 2024, a vibrant Python gathering focused on learning, connection, and open-source collaboration.

Learning, Sharing, and Growing: The OSSPH Experience at PyCon PH 2024

As a community partner of PyCon PH 2024, the OSSPH team actively participated in the premier Python conference in the Philippines. Held last February 25-26 at Makati Sports Club, the event fostered a vibrant atmosphere of learning, collaboration, and community spirit.

Embodying this spirit was the conference theme, "Gabay" (meaning "guide"). Drew, Felix, Justin, Liz, Paolo, and Paula from the OSSPH team immersed themselves in various talks and activities over the two days.

The program offered a diverse range of sessions catering to all skill levels. The team strategically attended talks that aligned with their mission to promote open-source software, focusing on how Python empowers building and maintaining such tools.

The conference boasted a lineup of esteemed speakers like Reina Reyes, a recipient of the 2023 NAST Outstanding Young Scientist Award, and JC Peralta, a renowned Geospatial Machine Learning Consultant and Climate Scientist. Their collaborative talk, "Simulating Disaster Relief Distribution and Transport Network Efficiency during Typhoons," offered valuable insights on utilizing Python for social good.

For the more technically inclined, Michael Kennedy, a Python Software Foundation Fellow and host of the popular "Talk Python To Me" podcast, provided an update on "The State of Python in 2024." This session offered a glimpse into the current trends and future directions of the Python landscape.

Further exploring the intersection of technology and human endeavors, Matt Harrison, a Stanford-educated CS expert and bestselling author, tackled the thought-provoking topic of "AI and Programmers: Partners or Rivals?" His session sparked lively discussions about the evolving relationship between artificial intelligence and programmers.

PyCon PH wasn't just about acquiring knowledge; it was about building connections. The "Open Space" activities, like the impromptu guitar session by Paolo and Drew, exemplified this focus. The OSSPH team actively participated in these opportunities, forging new connections and sharing experiences with fellow Python enthusiasts.

Group meals and PyNight, the relaxed evening gathering, further solidified these bonds. Discussions flowed freely, exchanging knowledge and exploring the vast potential of Python.

Leaving PyCon PH 2024, the OSSPH team felt energized and inspired. They were grateful for the supportive community and eager to leverage the connections forged for future collaborations, solidifying their commitment to a thriving open-source ecosystem.

About the author

Paula Isabel Signo is a technical writer at OSSPH and a web developer. In her free time, Paula contributes to various open-source projects, volunteers in the community, and shares her knowledge by writing articles and tutorials. Connect with Paula here to learn more about her work and interests.