15 Best Tech Podcasts You Should Listen To

Want to stay up to date on tech news and expand your knowledge while on the go? Here's a list of the best technology podcasts to get you started.

15 Best Tech Podcasts You Should Listen To

Every aspect of our daily lives has been significantly influenced by technology. However, because modern technology is evolving at a rapid pace, there is no way of keeping up with it without regularly absorbing new information. In a rapidly changing tech environment, tech podcasts are an excellent way to stay up to date. You can listen to a podcast whenever and wherever you want to stay up to date on technology trends that can assist you in solving problems and improving all aspects of your life.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the 15 best technology podcasts you should definitely listen to!

Kuya Dev Tidbits: Tech & Startup Careers

Kuya Dev Tidbits is a Filipino tech podcast in which Rem "Kuya Dev" Lampa shares his insights about career shifting and career building in the tech industry. The final two episodes of each season feature an interview with a tech professional, usually a career shifter, who discusses their own tech career journeys and advice for success.

Good for: IT professionals, aspiring professionals, and career shifters

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Roots — A Podcast on Filipino Designers

Roots is a podcast that allows you to learn about the best Filipino designers' stories, from design founders to product designers, user researchers to UX designers, and to get to know them wherever they are. This podcast is hosted and produced by design founder, coach, and content creator Alexis Collado.

Good for: Professional and aspiring designers

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Start Up Podcast PH

Start Up Podcast PH, hosted by Janni Boydon, assistant professor at UP Diliman, features interviews with Filipino tech startup founders. This podcast is about innovation, story, and how tech startup founders are helping to build society.

Good for: IT Professionals and anyone curious about what's behind a tech startup

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Web3 Philippines Insider

Web3 Philippines Insider is a casual and chill podcast hosted by Web3 Philippines co-founders Kristian Quirapas, Waren Gonzaga, Beau Zabdiel Valoria, and Alleo Indong. This podcast explores all the corners of Web3 from the good to the ugly with people from various Web3 initiatives around the world.

Good for: Web3 entrepreneurs and enthusiasts

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CodeNewbie Podcast

The CodeNewbie podcast was developed by CodeNewbie, an organization that fosters a welcoming, global community of people learning to code. The show's host, Saron Yitbarek, features interviews in which you'll hear relatable, real-life stories from others on their coding journeys. If you're looking for advice and tips, or just a reminder that everyone started somewhere, this is the podcast for you.

Good for: Aspiring and beginner developers

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Developer Tea

The Developer Tea podcast is a great way to kill time in your spare time. It goes well with tea or coffee, depending on your preference. The show is hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, co-founder of Spec and Director of Engineering at PBS. The short tech podcast episodes are designed to help aspiring software developers connect with their ultimate purpose and excel at their work. You'll hear advice on overcoming indecision, being a better coworker, and balancing life and work. In addition, he interviews interesting people on occasion.

Good for: IT Professionals and aspiring developers

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Full Stack Developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski dive deep into web development topics, outlining their processes and sharing personal experiences. They cover everything from the most recent CSS innovations for streamlining web tooling to JavaScript frameworks like React.

Good for: Professional and aspiring web developers

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ShopTalk Show

This UX podcast hosted by the developer and influential podcaster, Dave Rupert and CSS Tricks and CodePen creator, Chris Coyier features industry experts discussing everything from UX design to web development and beyond. The format of ShopTalk Show is conversational, which draws you in and keeps you interested in what's being discussed. With nearly 600 episodes to choose from, you'll have plenty of material to get started.

Good for: Professional and aspiring UX designers

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Talk Python To Me

Talk Python To Me is a weekly podcast hosted by developer Michael Kennedy for programmers interested in learning Python and related technologies. Every week, the host guides his audience through the Python environment, demonstrating real-world applications for Python apps. Kennedy prepares young engineers and programmers for job interviews while interviewing Python experts in fields such as engineering, finance, web development, machine learning, data science, and others.

Good for: Python developers and enthusiasts

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The JS Party Podcast

There's a Python-focused podcast, so there's also a JavaScript-focused one called JS Party. It is hosted by a number of regular panelists, all of whom are JavaScript enthusiasts with development backgrounds. Among them are Stanford professor Feross Aboukhadijeh, TypeScript enthusiast Nick Nisi, and software engineer Amal Hussein. They all bring unique perspectives to the show, making it more engaging and well-rounded. The podcast is both entertaining and educational to listen to. You can learn more about JavaScript and the changes that affect programmers. They also cover a variety of other topics, such as new libraries and best practices.

Good for: Javascript developers and enthusiasts

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FLOSS Weekly

FLOSS Weekly is a popular open-source podcast hosted by Doc Searls and part of the TWiT network. After all, the acronym FLOSS stands for free, libre, and open-source software. Searls hosts a discussion with a variety of guests and co-hosts about topics ranging from emerging innovators to the best software available. This is an excellent show for discovering new open-source tools or learning more about programs you're already familiar with.

Good for: Developers and open-source enthusiasts

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Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries, hosted by Jack Rhysider, delves into the dark side of the internet, such as hackers, cybercrime, and the strange ways the government navigates cyberspace. Darknet Diaries, which is popular among IT and non-IT professionals alike, is a fun way to learn about internet security risks and will provide you with a thorough understanding of why the IT department is so important.

Good for: Cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts

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Linux Unplugged

This show gets to the heart of what it means to be a member of the Linux community. The podcast, which Chris Fisher and Wes Payne present as a casual panel discussion, includes an interactive voice chatroom where listeners can connect and be heard live on the show as it broadcasts. They also discuss significant software and distro releases and dive into significant Linux news.

Good for: Linux professionals and enthusiasts

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Practical AI

Almost every business is quickly adopting AI as a standard practice. Machine learning is transforming industries ranging from marketing to warehousing, and you want to be ahead of the curve on this. Industry experts Chris Benson, a software developer, and Daniel Whitenack, a data scientist, host the show. Each episode includes interviews with engineers who work with datasets as well as demonstrations of how artificial intelligence is changing the system. This includes employees of banks, governments, social media platforms, and other businesses. Over 200 episodes are available to listen to and learn from. You will have a better understanding of artificial intelligence and how it can benefit your coding business.

Good for: Data scientists, data science, and AI enthusiasts

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The Cloudcast

This podcast has been running for almost 12 years and has over 700 episodes available for listening to. The hosts, Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely, discuss everything cloud-related. Examples include serverless architecture, DevOps, cloud computing, and other technologies. They will keep you up to date on what is going on in the field. It's an excellent way to stay current in such a fast-paced industry. One of the most helpful things they do is post notes on their website. This provides a breakdown of the content of the episode, allowing you to ensure that you covered all of the major points.

Good for: Professional and aspiring cloud engineers

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Podcasts are an excellent way to stay up to date on current events while on the go. It doesn't require much of your time, but it does provide a wealth of information and news. These best tech podcasts have been hand-picked to provide something for everyone, whether you're new to technology or a seasoned pro. I hope you enjoy these podcasts and will take advantage of these free learning resources to help you become a better professional.

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Until next time, happy coding and learning! Cheers!

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